FengShui White

Feng Shui and the Color White

White is the Feng Shui color representing purity and innocence. White is also one of the most significant colors in the practice of Yoga, which has been around since ancient times. In traditional Yoga the color white stands for completion, achieving ultimate wisdom and of having assimilated all of life’s lessons.

In the practice of Feng Shui, the color white is associated with the element of metal. The Feng Shui energy emanating from white is fresh, crisp, clean and clear. White epitomizes the beginning of something, as in a fresh new snowfall or the soft white color of a bridal gown.

Pure white gives off the energy of young innocence and new possibilities. In Feng Shui white also represents clear and definite endings.

Of all the Feng Shui colors, white exhibits the most versatility. It can be used anywhere, especially in contrast with vivid colors.  White can bring a light and bright energy to any room, especially rooms posing a challenge.

White is highly recommended for any area of the home where the element of metal is dominant, specifically the west and northwest Bagua areas, or possibly your home office and even the kitchen and laundry areas.

If you have in mind that you’d like an all-white color scheme in certain areas, white is not recommended for the Bagua areas of the east and southeast. In these areas white should be used as an accent color, not for the dominant color scheme.

Creating a pure, fresh white area in your home, whether it’s in your private bathroom or where you meditate, will have a soothing effect on your psyche and provide a healing Feng Shui vibration overall.

Using white in your home or your office will also add the Feng Shui energy of expanding possibilities to your subconscious, paving the way for a promising new future.

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