Feng Shui and the Color Black

In Feng Shui, the color black represents the element of water.

The key to successfully decorating in Feng Shui with black is in understanding that every space you live in craves a touch of black. The secret lies in discovering just the right spot for incorporating the calm and protective energy of the color black into your home. Just as a waterfall or fountain can have a calming effect, so does the color black.

For those who have avoided adding the color black to your décor, you can begin with a few accessories. There are beautiful candleholders in black, which can be very dramatic on your dining table. Give it a try and you will notice how this one shift in energy influences your dining area.

Another interesting way of introducing black into a room is with a checkerboard pattern. It provides a very dynamic burst of energy that only black can achieve, especially in a small space.

Creative use of the calming influence of black in a busy space, like a playroom, would be to take a small wall and paint it using chalkboard paint. This way your children can freely express themselves by drawing on the wall using colored chalk. At the same time, they will be calm and centered, all contributing to their creativity.

What an achievement for a playroom – a place for fun, while calming down and focusing your children on the creative activity before them – it doesn’t get any better than that!

Having black furniture pieces in a room requires good lighting and adequate breathing room. If this is a dominant piece of furniture, you must make sure that the room is balanced overall.

An easy way of creating positive Feng Shui using the calming energy of black is to have pictures or wall art framed in black spread throughout an entire wall, or spaced intermittently. You can also find beautiful black on white prints that can add a decorative and calming touch to a room.

If you have an office at home or if you’re redoing your space at work, this Feng Shui décor solution is especially influential. If you are on a very hectic career path and need to be calm and focused to do your best work, you can incorporate black accessories to achieve a positive Feng Shui result in your work area.   

Once you incorporate black into your space you will notice the change in energy and at that time make any needed adjustments to create the best Feng Shui result for your home or office. It’s a matter of personal needs, and of course décor.


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