FengShui Purple

Feng Shui and the Color Purple

While applying Feng Shui to your choice of colors keep in mind that purple should only be used in moderation. Purple gives off a powerful vibration and represents the connection to spiritual realms beyond our existence, through the 7th chakra.

Purple is not a wise choice for a wall color in a home. Many Feng Shui masters hold the belief that an entire wall painted in purple, or an over abundance of the color in any décor application, such as a large piece of furniture, has the power to trigger a blood disease. This may just be lore nevertheless purple does have a very high color vibration and energy. When following Feng Shui, be advised that purple should only be used sparingly.

Because of the powerful impact of the Feng Shui energy emanating from purple, it is recommended that the only rooms where it might be used more freely or with abundance would be a room meant for healing or a space dedicated to meditation.

Purple can be used with restraint throughout your home or you can choose lighter, less vivid tones of purple with shades of lavender if you choose to have more of the color in a room. If you do love the royal shade of purple an excellent choice would be to accessorize with Amethyst, since it is known as being a very powerful Feng Shui crystal.

Feng Shui Color Principles