FengShui Brown

Feng Shui and the Color Brown

In Feng Shui the color brown is associated with the element of wood, which means that it is most beneficial if used in the Feng Shui Bagua areas of the east for the health and well being of the family, in the southeast to create wealth and abundance and in the south if you’re interested in building your reputation or in achieving fame.

In decorating using Feng Shui, the color brown has experienced a recent resurgence in popularity. Brown provides nourishing energy and presence with a renewed interest in the rich tones of delicious dark chocolate and gourmet coffees. These tones can be brought out beautifully with gorgeous mahogany wood used as an accent.

Brown is a perfect Feng Shui choice to welcome people into your home at the front entrance, to feature in your kitchen, or as the main wall color in the living room or a bedroom. The predominant use of brown should be avoided in your children’s bedrooms and should also be avoided in the southwest Bagua area of your home.

Any space, in a home or an office that is decorated in an overabundance of brown, can influence the inhabitants in a negative manner. The color brown represents energy lacking in ambition, motivation, and the drive to advance in life. This is why it would not be a good choice for children’s rooms. Whenever using brown it must be balanced out with other colors.

One of the most popular and widely used Feng Shui color combinations for interiors is chocolate brown with robin egg’s blue. This color combination is also very popular in many of the products used in homes today, which are displayed in abundance on the shelves of many home stores.

The energy influencing this popularity is that of the two different elements, brown bringing in the element of wood while blue adds the element of water. This creates a synergy with one element acting to nourish and support the growth and progress of the other Feng Shui element.

The rich color of brown with its Feng Shui energy bringing a nourishing influence to a home or office is certainly not destined to go out of fashion again any time soon!

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