FengShui PINK

Feng Shui and the Color Pink

Having right use of color adhering to the principles of Feng Shui can create a noticeable shift in the energy in your living environment.  Pink is universally known as the color of love. Pink provides a soothing form of energy. It possesses delicate and gentle Feng Shui vibrations, which softens one’s demeanor and behavior. It can almost be said that in Fen Shui, the color pink has the ability to soothe and soften the heart, filling it with feelings of love!

Those decorating with Feng Shui using pink most commonly use a gentle shade of the color. However a hot magenta pink is becoming more popular for those wanting to create a fiery sort of energy, which when coupled with the color orange, can really heat up a room since orange provides another fire Feng Shui element.

The color pink adds a very pretty Feng Shui touch to girl’s bedroom, a powder room, the office of a creative woman, etc.  A wonderful way of adding the energy of pink in one’s home or office space, would be by placing a beautiful bowl or vase containing rose quartz crystals on a table or mantle.  Rock crystals are known for naturally possessing vibrations of love and healing, especially when they are in a gentle shade of soft pink.

There are some very popular combinations of colors using pink in addition to pink and orange, such as pink and gray or black, and pink and green.

Pink with green creates an exuberant combination of two vibrant energies, the fire Feng Shui element of pink and the wood element of green. Acting together these two colors strengthen the vibrations of the color pink, enhancing the soothing, loving feelings in the room.

Using pink and black together creates an elegant “vintage” look which attracts the Feng Shui energies of the element of fire with the pink and the energies of the element of water with black. Because of fire and water do not mix this Feng Shui color combination creates a certain tension in a room. Along with the tension the fiery energy of the pink ebbs and flows as influenced by the element of water.

A word of caution when using pink; if too much pink is used inside a home or office, it can create the effect of floating and the people occupying this space may begin to feel like they’re living in an illusion. Pink has many positive Feng Shui attributes but just do not overdo it!

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