FengShui Green

Feng Shui and the Color Green

In Feng Shui the color green represents fresh energy and renewal. This would be the color to use for someone looking for a new beginning, whether in a new relationship, career path, destination or a new first home.

Green also represents health and nourishment. It provides a calming effect on the nervous system and brings balance to the physical body with the healing Feng Shui influences of Mother Nature.

To maximize the effects of green in your home or office, it is best to include a variety of shades in your décor. A great way to introduce the color green using Feng Shui is with lush beautiful plants placed strategically around a room.

There is an endless variety of shades of green in plants starting with the look of newly opened leaves in springtime to the vivid forest green of the oak tree. For those seeking a renewed sense of energy and purpose, green is the ideal color in which to surround yourself.

When you study the Bagua of Feng Shui and map out the energy of your space you will understand how to implement the renewing effects of green in your life. Green can provide healing from your past disappointments or illness while giving you a resurgence of energy as you focus on your future and all that awaits you in life.

Feng Shui Color Principles