FengShui RED

Feng Shui and the Color Red

By using the principles of Feng Shui in selecting the color schemes for the various rooms in your home you can attract the kind of energy you want. The color red embodies the energy of the fire element in Feng Shui. Fire symbolizes divine energy and as such carries both creative and destructive powers. Fire does represent the sun’s energy as well as the energy of life itself.

If you want to attract excitement and joy into your home, a Feng Shui fire element like red should be considered. However, be advised that in Feng Shui red has the power to imbue people with sexual energy, arousal, and passion.

So when using red make sure it’s used in a balanced manner and not overdone. But don’t forget that red is hot, vivid and rich, which inspires celebration! So you do not want to be intimidated and afraid of using red in your home.

In Chinese philosophy, the color red represents happiness and good luck. Red signifies marriage in India, and in the West, red symbolizes love, romance, and passion as well as signifying courage.

When decorating with red using Feng Shui, understand that it represents a sense of wealth and luxury. But because it has the element of fire, it can bring about restlessness, overstimulation and even attract outbursts of anger when too much is used.  Red is best used in moderation. Try it with accessories first instead of plunging in by buying a red sofa or painting whole walls in red.

Red is an excellent choice in sprucing up the southern area of your home as this area represents fame and reputation, which goes well with the fire element.

If the color red seems too vivid to bring into your home, you might want to experiment with less vivid tones of red, like plum or brick. You can also consider using another color that carries the Feng Shui fire element and energy, like purple, pink, orange or yellow.

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