Who and What is a Mandelbrot Set

Who and What is a Mandelbrot Set



A Mandelbrot Set, named after its founder, Benoit Mandelbrot is (apparently) a “simple” mathematical equation (which is “Z<->z²+c”), made possible for viewing with modern technology. It demonstrates that INFINITY is in fact real and truly exists.  Now this is Fantastical in itself and brings up questions of GOD, ETERNITY, REALITY, and what we perceive it to be. And they just so happen to be beautiful as well as mesmerizing to watch

Ok, for those of you like to geek out as much as me, here are some videos for your viewing pleasure. Be forewarned that some of it is nerdy math chat, but the eye-candy is delicious, (and even better with some rave music and psychedelics.


Watch this absolutely gorgeous Mandelbrot Set called Buddhabrot because it looks like Buddha…

Geek out on this… Meet the man himself…

Mathematic explanations anyone?

And yet another Buddhabrot… Love

Thanks for watching.