Knowing the fact that each of the 9 areas represents an aspect of your life, you can use the Bagua map to determine what went wrong in the Feng Shui of your home. As such, you can also make the necessary amendments to enhance the quality of your life.

Below is a list of the 9 areas of the Bagua map and how each area affects an aspect of your life.

Wealth and Prosperity

The area of hsun gua on the Bagua map represents wealth and prosperity. Pay special attention to your kitchen sink as it symbolizes the flow of your wealth. If you encounter any financial problems recently, you should do a clean up of your kitchen sink as a dirty kitchen sink might block the flow of your wealth. Call for a plumping service, as clogged water pipes will affect your wealth flow as well.

Fame and Reputation

Fame and reputation occupies the Li gua of the Bagua map. If you find that someone is gossiping about you or passing bad remarks about you, it is time for you to take some action.

You will need more “fire” energy to improve your relationship with others. One simple thing that you can do is to wear some accessories that are yellow in color. Yellow color emits cheerfulness and friendliness, which will help to improve your relationship with others.


Relationships lie on the kun gua of the Bagua map. If you encounter any relationship problems, it is time for you to make some adjustment to your bedroom, especially your bed. Adding a bamboo wind chime to improve the flow of positive energy (Qi) should be good enough.


The jen gua of the Bagua map represent families. To maintain harmony in the family, the living and dining room should be well decorated. It should be spacious enough for family gatherings. There should also be products such as crystals to enable a smooth flow of Qi in these gathering areas.

Health and Balance

The center of the bagua map represents health and balance. To maintain good health, there should be a smooth flow of Qi throughout your house. The flow of Ying and Yang energy should be well balanced to ensure good health.

Creativity or Children

Creativity or children lies on the Dui gua of the Bagua map. Brightening up your workspace with more Yang energy sources will inspire you with new ideas. If you want to have a child, you must first improve the flow of Qi in your bedroom. Having better lightings and putting a few crystal balls beside your bed should do the trick.


Self-understanding is represented by the Ken gua. An object that affects this area of your life will be the window. The window affects your self-perception. Therefore, it is vital that you clean your window regularly because a dirty window might mean that you may not be able to see things clearly.


The kan gua symbolizes your career. The front door and pathway of your house will affect your career. Most of the time, people will hang auspicious Feng Shui products on the door to ward off the negative energies (Sha Qi).

Helpful Friends

Helpful friends will lie on the area of chien gua. To become acquainted with more helpful friends, you should try to get rid of any Sha Qi that is circulating around you. This Sha Qi prevents you know knowing new people. You can wear a crystal accessory such as a crystal bracelet to get rid of the Sha Qi around you.

By understanding what a Feng Shui Bagua is used for, you can take action to prevent bad things from happening If encounter any problem in your life, you can use the Bagua map to figure what area of your person or your house you need to change to improve the situation.

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