Christian Louboutin’s red bottom shoes, have a foothold on how to walk the walk of success. Handbags and watches surely make a statement, but those red soles have a certain je ne sais quoi, and there’s more to their statement than bling and benjamin$.  Wearing them is empowering.
Red is the color of your Muladhara Chakra. This is your first chakra, the Root,  your center. It is your survival instinct, your home, and your money. It is the energy that grounds you. If you’re having an issues with these areas of your life, you may want to heal some pain and get grounded so you can release the past and move toward your desired future.


Red is the color of the Southern Bagua in Feng Shui. This is your Light Within.  It is your reputation, your fame, and your integrity. It is the essence of your purpose. If these areas of your life are out of balance and depleted, you may want to clear out distractions so you can heal and nurture this area of your home, as well as your first chakra.

Freshen the space with a cleanse, maybe paint an accent wall with 2015’s Marsala red, or mix in some pillows, a pouf, or just some beautiful fresh red flowers. Spend some quality time in that are of your home, bonding with the space and giving it purpose. Every area of your home should reflect your intentions, this helps your subconscious mind stay tuned in and on track.

So, when you experience red in general, empower yourself with the color. Use it as a grounding, healing, energizing source. Walk with purpose. Decorate with Purpose. Dress with Purpose.

IF you’re rockin in those areas, and a shoe-maven who sports the Christian Louboutin’s then red soles are often a mark of success, of a hell yassssss YOU kick ass and YOU GOT THIS!  You got this far, and it’s your RIGHT to not only celebrate your success, but stand tall and proud that you walked your walk, talked your talk, and you’re showing up in style.

Every time you experience the color red in your home and wardrobe, it’s new message is one of purpose. You #OmTHAT color RED.

Thank you, Mr. Louboutin, for knowing how to speak to our sole and lift our spirits. <3 <3