Forget all that mumbo-jumbo 5-year-plan stuff. Put away the excel spreadsheets, or whatever number-crunching devices you use to tell how much money you’ll need to do A, B, and C… And definitely erase the words “if,” “maybe,” “try,” and “can’t” from your vocabulary.

Now, get down on the floor, take up the whole space, and make a mess. Seriously, get un-serious, be a kid and think BIG. Go back to before you knew the meaning of the word “no” and way before you knew anything about limitations.

You’re going to do yourself the biggest favor, and take the shortest therapeutic route to manifesting ever: vision boarding.

What you’ll need:
Large paper or poster board.
Tape or Glue
Magazines and/or access to internet and a printer
(OR – build one on Pinterest or  Powerpoint!)

What to do:
Cut out and paste what you TRULY want and desire for your lifetime.
What do you want your home to look like?
Where do you want to live?
What does your success look like?
Awards? Certifications? Public Acknowledgements? Put them in.
Even the vehicle you’d like to drive? Sure.
Travel destinations?
Relationship goals – marriage? children?

**Build the picture of the MOST successful YOU into your vision board.**

Why is vision boarding so awesome? 

Look, you can dream all you want, but you also have a lot of voices in your life that have a way of stifling those dreams. Maybe those voices belong to your parents, your partner, your friends – or YOU…? A lot of limitations are programmed into us and we don’t even realize it.

Vision boarding is visual reprogramming. It’s calming. It’s therapeutic. It’s meditation and self-hypnosis all in one.

**Keep in mind that what you think will take 5 years, usually happens in about 3 years. What you think might take less than a year, can also take about 3 years to “fully” manifest and enjoy the fruits of the labor. So don’t get caught up in deadlines. The point is to visualize it.

Lately there seems to be some growing popularity in “vision board parties.” While it’s awesome to brainstorm with friends,  realizing your highest self is often times a very personal journey. It’s easy in a room full of people to jump on lifestyle bandwagons that may not be authentic…Just make sure to build your dreams for YOU. You have greater success when you’re intimately in-tune with your divine consciousness, and that may not be possible in a room full of ladies scrambling over the same magazine pictures. Just something to consider.

You can keep the vision board someplace where you can see it everyday, or tuck it away in a time capsule to refer back to later.

Vision boards are not set in stone, so if you set a vision in motion and then have a realization that you need to change course, that’s totally cool. Feel free to make a new board or edit to the one you have.

The trick is that it takes thoughtful consideration to make a vision board. This mindfulness that you’re engaged in lights up all sectors of your brain, stimulating neurotransmitters in positive ways. It’s optimistic, positive brain food, and your brain LOVES it. It is also affirming, empowering, and liberating.

I made one 5 years ago and lost it in a move almost immediately afterward. A few years later, it resurfaced, and I was blown away by what had manifested.  It was pretty damn amazing!

Just do it. OmTHAT vision of your highest self. Put it out there. TRUST in the process.

If you make one, post it here to make it even more real!