The Science Behind Good Vibes- Finally Revealed!

‘Good Vibes’ is a Woodstock generation mantra that has been passed down to the people of the 21st century. It may sound like some sort of hippie hullabaloo, but is it really a concept that can change your life? You certainly don’t need to live in an old van and smoke weed everyday just to make it happen.

The concept of good vibes is actually has something that has a scientific and philosophic background. It is basically another way of explaining the ‘law of attraction’. If you don’t know what the law of attraction is (really, what are you doing with your life?) then here is a simple explanation: the energy you put into the universe will command the world around you. In other words, if you have positive thoughts and spread positivity around you, than your life will be better. This may sound like a bunch of nonsense, but that isn’t the case. Like for example, how many times have you spilled coffee in the morning and from there onwards your day just goes downhill? This is actually the law of attraction; the moment you spill your coffee, you send negative energy out into the universe and for the rest of the day the universe rewards you with more negative energy.

Now you are probably thinking about the science of all this? How is it possible that we can control the world around us only with our thoughts? Get ready because you are about to be mind blown. Did you know that every thought you have ever had has its own wavelength? If you are thinking, “OMG, I can eat a whole bag of fries right now,” that thought has a different pattern than “Leonardo DiCaprio is so freakin hot!” The universe gives you an answer according to the frequency of the thoughts you put out. It’s kind of like two magnets slowly coming together.

It is super important that you are always aware of your state of mind when it comes to law of attraction. Obviously, no one needs to tell you that you feel different when you’re delighted than you do when in misery. By having a brighter and positive outlook on life, it makes sense that a brighter future will follow.
You can actually make law of attraction work for you by doing the following things:
– Know what you want: Be confident in what you want from the universe. If you are unsure of it yourself, than how do you expect things to work out?
– Be grateful: Don’t forget to thank the universe for all the amazing things you have in your life.
– Trust: Never lose your trust. If you are always doing and thinking positive things, than you will eventually be rewarded if not right away!

And that is the science behind good vibes!