When it comes to spiritual retreats, most people flock to places like Bali and Thailand. Few people realize that right here in America, they can find a place of peace and find their inner harmony in the heart of red rock country in Sedona, Arizona. The Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park offers a place for spiritual renewal and meditation right in America’s own backyard. Offering breathtaking views of the mountains, the natives have declared this land to be a holy place that is absolutely ideal for transforming the spirit and healing with the marriage of sacred architecture and the stupa.


For any spiritual seeker, it is a must-see place that offers a majestic experience from sunrise to sunset every day. The winding trails help you find your way to the 36-foot Amitabha Stupa as well as the smaller Tara Stupa, where you can engage in prayer, healing, meditation, and finding your own inner peace. This sacred place is free for all visitors although donations are always appreciated in order to maintain the grounds at the stupa.


What’s remarkable about this stupa is that you usually only see these in the East where Buddhism is more predominant. It’s nice to have a spiritual place like this here in America, making it a more feasible trip for many who cannot afford to rebalance their lives abroad. With this living presence of Buddha so readily available, attaining spiritual peace at home will be a relief from the financial burdens of overseas travel.

The Amitabha Stupa represents the Buddha of Limitless Light. The bronze image can be seen on the stupa. Inside, it holds millions and millions of prayers of peace as well as sacred offerings. It is designed to bring enlightenment and offers blessings for everyone. The White Tara Stupa is the female Buddha. It’s a 6-foot tall stupa that embodies long life as well as compassion.


Everyone is welcome to visit the Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park whether as a family, a pure spiritual seeker, or even as a quest to find oneself. It doesn’t matter why you go, as long as you do go. Even for the skeptical, this peaceful place has the ability to change one’s mind and provide a stunning backdrop for complete contemplation and reflection.

Have you been to this Stupa or another? Share your spiritual adventures in the comments below! If there is a must-see destination we’ve missed, we certainly want to know!