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Submission Guidelines

OMTHAT  is a fantastic promotional platform for authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs who have creative life hacks to our unique female journey, helping ALL of us live an effortless Goddess life. Many of our authors have their essays shared over 2000 times on Facebook and get tens of thousands of readers.

So if you’re a Goddess writer looking for a big, smart audience – it’s a great idea to submit your writing to OMTHAT.

Do you ever have a feeling that the world isn’t as solid as it seems?

Somewhere just below the surface lurk currents of energy, emotional experience and even alternate perceptions of reality. Sometimes scary and always exciting, these magical dimensions are also extremely fluid and malleable. By creating freely, we bring our desires and experiences closer to the surface.

Mindfulosity is a global internet society of incredible power dedicated to talking about everything that is

We do this mostly through essays.

In other words, this is a magazine for the world we want to believe in.  We love publishing it.

We want you to write for us.

We’re looking for writing that’s vivid, attention-grabbing, controversial, sassy, and deeply dedicated to stimulating magic.

Submission Guidelines

Please send your essay as both a Word document (NO dropbox links), and copied-and-pasted into the body of your email to

Our wonderful assistant editors will receive it.

To ensure that we’re able to publish what you send us, make sure that you check out our must-read style guidelines, below.

Make sure your essay has the following elements:

  • 1. It includes a catchy, irresistible title. For more info about writing catchy titles, refer to this helpful Copyblogger post. 
  • 2. It includes at least three links in the body of the essay to other essays on the OMTHAT website. This ensures that when someone visits us to read your essay, they eventually end up clicking on other essays too and becoming deeply engaged in our Goddess haven.
  • 3. It features at least three 620 pixel-wide images along with attribution links to the original sites where you found those images.

Some DOs and DON’Ts:

  • Double and triple check your grammar and spelling!!!
  • Although it can be difficult sometimes, keep your sentences short.
  • Use different beginnings for your sentences to have your writing flow smoothly.
  • Avoid hyper-detailed “dear diary”-like lists if not absolutely necessary for getting your point across.
  • Generally speaking: Re-read your piece and make sure you focus on your message and don’t get side-tracked: the reader will get sidetracked, too, and thus you’ll lose her.
  • Please refrain from excessive formatting (CAPS galore, using bold or italic in every other sentence). Keep it simple – we make sure your piece will shine and take care of the formatting. Your most important formatting task is to break up your piece into 2-3 sentence chunks and provide the title in CAPS.
  • Remember that the title and the featured image decide about whether or not someone clicks and reads your article: find a title that catches the essence/theme of your writing. Don’t get too abstract or too low-key: aim to grab your reader’s attention by making sure your title and image transmit gravity and meaning.
  • Keep your bio short and exciting. It can (and should) contain links to your website and Social Media, and two or three sentences about who you are and what you do. Readers can always learn more by clicking your links.


When you send us your essay, definitely include at the bottom a medium-sized author photo of yourself (about 300 x 300) and a short bio.

Feel free to include links in the bio to your personal or business websites – in fact, PLEASE do include links in your bio because this is a great way for you to grow your audience and for other magical people to connect with you.

Mindfulosity is a project of Laurie Smith – you can find out more about her, here. 

Want more information about submitting content or advertising with us?  Other comments are also welcome.