Let’s face it. You’re here for a reason. You’re trekking ahead–like WAY ahead–of your pack.

Awesome. No doubt.

Slowing your roll or stopping and waiting for them to catch up isn’t going to do you or them any favors.

Hopefully your pack is the cool, supportive kind who pushes you ahead and doesn’t get in your way. But what if they aren’t? What if they are threatened, insecure, or challenged by your steadfast path? What if their energy is so low and so steeped in yesteryear that a mere word from them is like nails on a chalk board, too painful to bear anymore. Let’s be real, hanging with ANYONE who comes at you with a limited mindset is torturous to your spirit.

So how do you maintain your ultra-high vibe on life you’ve built for yourself yet still keep that shoulder and ear available to those in your life who “can’t even?” Judging does them no favors, and to be frank, judgement lowers your own vibe.

Don’t fret. It’s natural to have moments that might feel like guilt, pity…or maybe like, “What’s your problem? Step it up! And in the meantime, get off my back, and let me do my thing!” All these feelings are valid.

But here’s the rub…

You’ve been in their shoes too. You know you have. Maybe your chapter was shorter. Maybe you did things differently. But that’s the point. You did things your way, and they will do things their way, and that’s okay. You never know, there may be a sparkle of genius in their path that you glean some wisdom from.

Remember that you are always a student as well as a teacher.

Just as YOU don’t appreciate negative vibes and limiting beliefs thrown in your path, judging another for their pace or path is equally as negative and limiting. By judging them for not keeping up, you’ve transferred negative energy. You may think you’re one up, or way up from them, but your decision to choose judgement over compassion just lowered everyone’s vibe. And by everyone, I mean yours, theirs, and everyone that both of you contact because energy reverberates.

Embrace the differences. For anyone you truly care for, embrace the differences.

At the end of the day, all you can be is the light or the darkness. Even being in the gray about someone is still throwing shade. And to be totally honest, you can’t be a truly positive person in this world if you’re full of judgement. So what’s it gonna be?

BE your best self. Live in your best light. Throw no shade to make others feel less than. Be kind and compassionate. Seek to understand and reserve judgement.  Stay in your lane and follow your path.

The brighter your light shines, the more you illuminate the path for everyone. You never know whose light you will ignite, so don’t be stingy or preferential. If someone outside your box loves what you do, then you know your light was potent. Love infinitely and compassionately.

Here’s the deal…You have a lifetime of souls you will touch, and theirs will touch yours. No matter what you “think” about an individual’s circumstances, you’ve never truly walked their path. So rather than assume what they could or should be doing, just be your best self and light the path. You’ll see they come around faster without any brow-beating, judging, coercing, or pushing…