Whether you’re in the beginning, middle, or end of your relationship, it’s a really good idea to take time out to set the right vibe for imagesyour love life. Life gets hectic when you’re running around, not paying attention to the clutter that builds in the corner of your room…ok, maybe you’re a neat freak, and you don’t have clutter in your room–but what about your mind and spirit?

Spring cleaning should be renamed season cleaning, and every quarter should have a seasonal cleaning day.  It’s great to cleanse, refresh the bedroom and bathrooms regularly. Buying fresh, new bedding, bathroom towels, and flowers to freshen up the space and attune your vibration for the season ahead is great for the soul(s) that live there.

Here’s a quick check list to rekindle the spark of your love space.

2014-09-05 16.31.341. Unclutter under the bed, corners, drawers, closet, everywhere. Clutter represents undealt with issues.  Simply clearing the space, putting things where they belong–if they don’t have a place, defining a place for them–makes a huge impact on your physical and mental space. Whatever you’ve been putting off is eating away at you. Clear it and feel the weight lift off your back. It’s bad feng shui to have clutter under the bed. This needs to be a free space for energy to flow through unobstructed, just like your lungs and veins. Keep your space free of clutter.


2. Toss out all unnecessary photos/memorabilia, especially of exes. Pictures of an ex in your space, whether you are currently single or in a relationship, is ALWAYS bad feng shui. Sure, it’s ok to think fondly of them and remember them as an important part of your life, 2014-09-05 16.30.39but their day-to-day presence in your life is actually old energy that is holding you back and limiting your growth–and your partner’s. Release the past, put old exes in a safe place like a memory chest. Your love nest  should be a space for just you and your partner. This includes photos and items that represent in-laws’, children’s, friends’, and others’ eyes in your intimate space. It’s nice to have a photo of mom’n’dad or your kids, but if you can place them facing in a direction that is not directly at your bed, that would be ideal. The only eyes and energies invited to share your love space, should be you and your boo.


3. Fresh coat of paint, eye-catching drapes, or decorative pillows… Paint may seem like a lot of work, but it does wonders for renewing a space. If your walls are scuffed up, dull, or faded, they need a fresh coat. If your drapes are torn, dated, or worn, replace them. Use this as an opportunity to infuse your room with a color of intention. Find your room on the bagua and align colors and decor with the bagua to dial in your purpose. Make the room more meaningful to you. Even pillows and other embellishments, all decorative pieces, can work together to align you with your goals. Keep things in TWO’s; 2 side tables, 2 lamps, 2 pillows. 2 and 2 and 2. One for you and one for your boo.


2014-09-05 16.31.074. Cleanse the space. You’ve uncluttered, cleared out, repainted, and freshened up.  It’s time to set your intentions. This is a time to cleanse on a deeper level, a spiritual level, and clear out any negative, stagnant energy. For details on a Clearing Negative Energy from your space, read here.


5. Speaking of goals, intentions, and purpose…It’s a “WE” thing. This is a great opportunity to spend some time with your honey – or if you’re flying solo right now – yourself. Make a vision board for your future. This is a fun project! Sit on the bed, get your favorite magazines, a pair of scissors (careful not to lose them!) tape or glue, and a poster board. Peruse through your magazines, cutting out your fav pics and build a collage of your future. WHILE you do this, play music that lifts you. Don’t listen to those old love songs of relationships-past, but new, innovative, inspiring tunes that sync with your goals. If you and your partner do this together,  this flirty bonding session should lead to a little love romp! If you’re solo-stylin this thing, be sure to envision your trips for 2, your dream home for 2, your his’n’her  (or his’n’his or hers’n’hers) SUV’s or bikes or…well, you get the idea. You gotta envision the whole package. This is where the message to the universe gets mixed up. Too often we just think of me, myself, and I but fail to envision a “WE.” Speak in terms of WE, build space for WE, and it shall be. Vision boards are an excellent exercise for singles in search of a partner because it helps your consciousness tune into what and who you really want to align your life with, making your chances of finding that person exponentially greater! (If by chance your vision board brings about differences in goals, it’s a great opportunity to learn more about what makes you and your partner really tick. Look for compromises, growth opportunities, or deeper evaluations of your future. It’s a good time to breathe deeply, take in the honesty, and be as supportive of your partner’s life purpose as you’d like them to be of yours. People change and grow. It’s ok.) More on Visions Boards here.


6. Now act on it. Be Loving in this space–and all your spaces!–but your bedroom is dedicated to love, nourishing affection, and healing slumber. So keep it harmonious and tranquil. Keep your disagreements out of the bedroom and especially out of the bed. Hugs release the hormone and neurotransmitter Oxytocin, which is nature’s anti-depressant and anti-anxiety hormone; make the bedroom a place of hugs and nurturing of the soul. If you’re currently single, keep the bed harmonized for your future partner. Snuggle with a body pillow and enjoy this time. Relationships are a journey, so spend your solo time spirit cleansing and preparing for the journey ahead.


Much love to you.

Share pics of your new love nest!