One on One Life Coaching

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One on One Life Coaching

The Purpose of Working with a Life Coach is RESULTS!

And that’s what we’re going to do together, create amazing Life, Transformational results!

We’re going to map out your body, mind, spirit and physical environment in ways that will empower YOU from the inside out.

We’re going to straight to the core of YOU.

We calibrate your Chakras, we go deep into understanding the Chakra system; what triggers and blocks you, how to recognize blocks and how to create energy flow.

You will come to KNOW YOURSELF in ways you never thought possible.

You will come to understand what of your circumstances and even personality is phasic or basic; thus granting you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change,The courage to change the things you can, And the wisdom to know the difference. [Serenity Prayer put into action!)

We’ll be feng Shui’ing your home, fully recalibrating it to align with YOUR purpose.

Work they each quadrant
Chakra. And Bagua
– clear and blocks
– Rebuild foundation

Clarify purpose and define – on an individual basis – what “symbolism” to use through out your home to truly calibrate YOUR unique map to prosperity. You see this isn’t you regular Feng Shui, using knick knacks that don’t resonate with you – this is YOUR Feng Shui – that is specifically designed with YOUR intention to keep you aligned, engaged and on track with your Prosperity goals.

#FunFact: Our mind works with subconscious “pictures” we use were given to us by our childhood/growth experiences and environment / past present and future.

Together we assess those pictures, understand their meaning and redefine pictures in your life. “Heal” or rather – shift the energy from depleting, disempowering, triggering, defeating energy into liberated, empowered, unfettered energy

This is not a “healing” process. This is an EMPOWERMENT process with very specific results that YOU desire, put into action for you to manifest!

A “healing” does not mean to “make yourself better” or to “make someone else better” it actually means to shift energy

We go DEEP into shifts of forgiveness, and gratitude, even perceptions of karma and how to rewrite those unspoken agreements we’ve made with our peers and loved ones that are a disservice, toxic and give them new healthy meaning.

Redefine and see your purpose as it has always been available to you, your purpose has ALWAYS BEEN HERE, you’re doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing at the exact time you’re supposed to be doing it.



What this isn’t:
This is not a reading, nor a clairvoyant session. This is not a course to teach you how to be intuitive, clairvoyant, read minds or develop super human powers. No “magic” will be conducted here, no incantations, no witchery or wizardry. This is also not a religious or spiritual process.

What this is:
A Super Empowerment Mentorship that will crystalize how Law Of Attraction actually works and how to master it to work for you. You may find that your intuition becomes clearer and that you are able to see better into the realms of possibilities because we will clear the clutter and expand your consciousness. We utilize the philosophies of Yoga’s asanas (movement) and prana (breath) as physical body and breath alignment. Breath is YOUR life force and we utilize that to revitalize your being from the inside out. We address the chakras as energy vortex’s within the body, how we hold on to experiences, pain and successes and how to create a healthful flow that can immediately release tension, and mild forms of anxiety and mild depression.  (These are not medical procedures or guarantees, they are simply complimentary practices to a calmer lifestyle.) We apply the principles of Feng Shui as it applies to aligning your home/office with your purpose, to draw in the Laws of Attraction and Manifesting.


How does this work?


15 minute phone consultation. We discuss goals, timelines, assess “good fit” and expectations and next steps.


Dive right into Feng Shui.
We do a layout of your home and develop a master plan for the rest of your Program.


Chakra Calibration. This phase goes deep into your foundation. Here is where the #shitgetsreal and we get to the core of YOU and what your Purpose is all about.


Map Your home and life with YOUR PUPOSE and Set Intentions and align lifestyle with action.


Setting Intentions, defining personal affirmations, empowering mantras and developing a completely customized personal self hypnosis program with the power of YOU!


Tools, practices and life hacks that bring it all together in real life applications designed JUST FOR YOU!


One Month of Follow up and fine-tuning.