Hah! Did that image/caption get your attention? Anything with bitch, f*ck, sh*t — drop-in-any-swear-word-here — usually catches your attention. Sarcasm can be really funny, no doubt. BUT all joking aside, it can be a loaded gun too.

I’ll be honest, my friends and I are never shy with popular slang or the endearing, “whatup bitch, kiss kiss hug hug” banter. But some words took on a whole new meaning when I got really into social media.

My HappySmart project is about girls’ and women’s self-esteem, empowerment, and education, but when I saw some of their social media channels, I had some harsh awakenings…So much of social media, especially Instagram and Tumblr, is just down right negative, dark, and mean.

Too often we’re sucked into negative sentiment. It’s everywhere – If you let it in.

Who you follow on social media, watch on television, and listen to on your iPod impacts your vibration. It’s great to follow people you resonate with, and let’s be real, life isn’t always full of happy emojicons and rainbows. But following bitchy, mean, or spiteful people will only make you more of the same.

Sometimes there is an empowering charge to a negative statement, giving you permission to stand up for yourself, to go for what you want, and to not tolerate BS or be a victim. This can be great, but if it causes you to alter your disposition, take aim at everyone in your path, instigate unnecessary stress in your relationships, or be spiteful and vengeful, then it’s just toxic fuel. The immediate “rush” you get from that sentiment is like taking a drug–an addictive drug that you’ll just need more and more in order to feel validated.

Words are the most powerful weapons of human existence. You can make or break a person, race, religion, or even an entire country – with only your word. Negative sentiment is a cancer. Gossip is a cancer. Hate is a Cancer. Meanness is a cancer. Using your words to inflict pain, or validate someone who does, is spreading cancer. Not only that, but you ingest that cancer into your own spirit. Your spirit takes in that negativity and creates a physical reaction. Your body feels it and responds, releasing the hormone Cortisol into your system. Too much of this stress hormone depletes your immune system, inviting insomnia, illnesses, weight gain, and depression.

On the flip side, positive sentiments raise your vibration, releasing your natural feel good hormone Oxytocin, which is nature’s natural anti-depressant and anti-anxiety cure-all. So you decide, do you want to raise your vibration or lower it?

1513411a0e55c040ca7cc8af042e1dd1Next time you see a negative sentiment of any kind, scroll right on by and don’t feed it. And yes, some of them are funnier than heck and it’s hard not to nod your head in agreement, but just pause for a moment and ask, “What is it really saying about the person who posted it, the person it’s directed at, and its overall vibration?”

Raise your vibration by rising above the negativity. Be the change you want to see.

If negativity and mean statements really empower, then what does that say? Words are a loaded gun…WE can NOT condone or fuel negative sentiment AND be a positive role model in the world at the same time. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way. #BEtheCHANGE