Lotus Flower Power

Symbolism doesn’t need to be obvious. As a matter of fact, it can be more harmonizing to the spirit if it’s not. Lotus flowers, for instance, are a personal favorite of mine. I sprinkle them everywhere throughout my home. They may appear as candle holders, embellishments OMTHAT LotusFlowerson the trim of a pillow, or a simple line-drawing. Sometimes they may just be a pattern within a pattern, but I know they are there, everywhere, and when I see them, I am grounded and reset to my intentions.

Lotus flowers are great symbols of strength

Lotus flowers are great symbols of strength, perseverance, and purpose. They remind us to have faith, stay the course, practice resiliency and be radiant. Lotus flowers are symbolic throughout history, religion, and spirituality. They symbolize the attainment of enlightenment; a deity stands or sits upon the lotus, having endured the struggles of their human plight.


You don’t need to worry about being “girly” with lotus flower decor. These candle holders come in all styles, so just sprinkle a few here and there for a little flower power.


They blend in beautifully to the decor of any room, while giving you the symbolic boost to the brain whenever you see them.

You are the badass lotus flower, rising out of the depths of the past to your amazing true-self, manifesting your purpose, blooming for all the world to see.

OmTHAT Vagabond Vintage Gold Leafed Metal Lotus Bowl

These metal lotus’s make a fierce statement, excellent for urban, modern and minimalist decor.
Say you lack enough green and growth influences in the money area of your home (SouthWest on the Feng Shui bagua), adding a green lotus candle holder, or even a wooden hand carved lotus would be great feng shui cures… Simple suggestions of color and elements without redecorating an entire room… 🙂
And even better yet, they make a perfect #goodvibe gift for the yogi or soulful spirits in your life; perfect for meditation spaces…


This Lotus Incense Burner (below) by Summit is a fav! You can even place a tealight-candle instead of incense if preferred. Ommmmmm 🙂


OmTHAT Buddha Meditation Aroma Scent Lotus Incense Burner Collectible by Summit

For your Lotus flower power, go click herehere and here, OR shop Amazon for the complete assortment. You can find these candle holders in any style you need, to boost your Feng Shui.

Oh hey, and do please share your flower power pics and tips in the comments below. I love to see and hear how everyone finesses their vibe.

Love and light,