Keep Your Head, Standards and Vibration High
Perception-cyleWhen you’re in touch with your purpose, trusting your path, you radiate confidence. Period. So assume the role and walk the walk, talk the talk. The rest will follow. You will attract the energy you put into the world. If you’re looking around and not happy with what you see, fix it.

Fix your space, your hair, your face, your attitude, your place in the world. It’s really about your attitude with yourself. If you’re down on yourself, feeling like a victim of your circumstances, past, whatever, then this is where you must begin – within. The life out there that you want isn’t gonna happen if you’re closed off to solutions. And the bottom line is, YOU have to be the solution. The internet, the library, the bookstore, the world is at your fingertips. There is no better time in human history than right this very second to change anything about your life that you don’t like.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re already on the right vibrational plain of consciousness. Keep Going. Look at what your favorite opinion makers are doing, reading, living.. Emulate. You must shed your old constructs and let go of the past limitations in order to reinvent and rebuild.

Listen to audios of inspiring, motivational speakers and teachers, read their books, watch their videos. Learn. Apply. Repeat.

Keep your head, standards and vibration high.
Keep your head high, confident that you are the future.
Keep your standards high, not settling for less or lowering yourself to make others comfortable.
Keep your vibration high, align your body, mind and spirit with yoga, meditation – attune your wise mind to the universal consciousness and feel your intuition become your greatest ally.