We all are living in a world that appears for us, to be much faster than our own mind. With faster communication technologies world too is moving fast. Is it so?

Of course, not! Our mind is much more powerful and faster than any man made technology. There is a powerful hidden potential in each individual.

We all have experienced and realized the power and importance of memory in life. What stops us from repeating the mistakes in life? It is the memory of the past events and its effects on mind. Human mind has unbelievable capacity to manage any situation in life, provided that the mind is trained systematically. We all have experienced the situations where the mistakes are being repeated unknowingly. The important reason is the lack of awareness. Awareness is something that needs to be developed for the success in professional and personal life. Awareness is developed only when you train the mind of being conscious while doing all the physical actions and mental activities. In this fast moving world of anxiety, worries and agonies, conscious living is something that is inevitable in life for each one of us for a prosperous life.

I have observed one situation – everyone loves to read newspapers or favourite book with a sip of hot coffee. Assume that your mind is fully immersed in reading the content in the newspaper or book. Now your favourite hot coffee comes in front of you. You take a sip without being aware that the coffee is super-hot! Your lips and tongue burns and you get upset! Here, one of your senses is busy with reading and processing the text content and other sense is sipping the coffee with the help of the hands. Awareness crops in only when your lips burn because of the hot coffee! What is missing here? Yes, it is awareness that is missing. Even while reading, awareness about the object that is being taken by the hand is essential. It is to be noted about its action and then the consequences. Physical and mental actions are recorded by the mind irrespective of whether you conscious of doing it or not. Next time when a similar situation pops up, mind automatically reminds you about the past experience. Now you are extremely aware and alert. Mind develops awareness with the help of these experiences.

On the other hand, there are quite a lot of situations we become angry with others unknowingly. Later you may realize that there was no need to be angry. Anger can change the whole perception of the mind. Gradually it can develop hatred towards others which is not at all good for the peace and harmony in life. To a great extent, lack of peace and harmony is the cause for the diseases in the human body. It can create depression, imbalance in the mind; reduce the clarity of the thoughts. Eventually you lose the whole interest in living the life. In situations like this, conscious living helps you to develop awareness.

Conscious living means, to live in the present. Mind should be focused on the physical actions as well as the changing of mood. If you lose the mental harmony there are chances that you get into some trouble such that the people around you will also lose the peace. Almost same is the situation when you repeat a blunder in life ignoring the past experience. Without being aware of the previous situation and the mistake that committed in the past, we jump again into the same situation and do the blunder.

Yoga and mindfulness

So, conscious living is living with awareness, being in the present or being mindful while doing each and every activity in life. Yoga asana practice is considered to be the best way to develop awareness. You can experience the conscious living and its positive effects with the regular practice of yoga. You may not need even 30 minutes of your everyday life to keep your whole day charged. It helps to increase your productivity in professional life. Any profession seeks productivity, competence in order to gain achievements and success. Decision making is also something that is very important as far as a life is concerned. We all know that to take a decision and to go by it needs much confidence and mental effort. You may have to think from various dimensions, aspects and analyze the effects of taking a decision. A calm, stable mind is the foundation for all these. You can get a stable mind only if you are mindful. You live in the present and not worried about the future. The moment you worry about the future will make your mind blocked. Living in the past or in the future will reduce your productivity in the present. Instead, you have to plan the action and execute it with confidence. If a student who is to attend an examination thinks of results alone, he may not be able to focus on studies. If his mind keeps on thinking about the results, failure or being scared of scoring lower marks etc. he lacks the focus on studies. That would naturally affect the examination results.

To conclude with, align with your purpose in life and work towards it, with intention; conscious living. Let it be your business or your personal life. Experience the happiness through living and BEing and then experience the success.