If you were living your most successful self right now? What does that look like?

What would be your claim to fame? What did you do SO WELL and differentl? What unique talent you did share with the world that made you more successful than your wildest dreams and provide the life you always dreamed of?

Where and how would you live? Who would you surround yourself with? What you wear, eat, do with your time?

Whatever THAT looks like, DO IT NOW. LIVE it NOW. BE that which you aspire to and the steps will unfold before you. If you keep saying, “IF I were rich I’d work out all the time, eat healthy, take better care of myself, invest more time in my home or looks or even read more, or spend more time self-developing…” That “someday” you keep talking about… All THAT is nonsense.

Here’s a little inside story…

At a very young age I refused to settle for less or be a victim of our poor circumstances, or live anything less than the life I wanted. This didn’t mean I lived way beyond my means (well kinda), ran up credit card debt or tried to be something I’m not. It simply meant that I aimed higher – always. I surrounded myself by smart, successful people and I paid attention. I embraced people who lived the life I admired and I paid attention. I emulated successful behaviors and appreciated every person in my life as teacher and every experience as a gift. It wasn’t easy and I fell flat on my face many -many times, but I never gave up. I knew that the people I look up to most, they don’t give up either.


All that said, I had to get over one nasty hang-up. My relationship with money was broken. I was so good at being frugal and getting by with just enough that that became my mindset. As much as I could create a beautiful home, a nice wardrobe, a wonderfully fun lifestyle, I never felt comfortable going for BIG. I was always telling myself that I had exactly what I needed and as long as I could pick up and travel and have amazing adventures then my life was fine. And in many ways, this is an awesome mindset, but it’s NOT a REAL mindset for SUCCESS.


I handicapped myself from living my life to the fullest. I let it get in the way of my own success. I was no longer working for money, but working as an accidental philanthropist, giving away my time, my creative talents, never invoicing, practically working for free for “friends” and never charging my full value. I worked myself into settling and yet I thought I was the type who didn’t “settle” but there I was, settling for less than I deserved.


It was a harsh awakening and I had a LOT of evaluating to do. I had to shake off the takers who allowed, no- expected, me to give them my time for practically nothing. I had to stand up and declare MYSELF as valuable. THEN I had to break the old contracts I had with money, which was making me a slave and rebuild a new positive relationship. This required taking ownership of what I truly want and doing what I already knew how to do, LIVE IT and make it so.

When money does not feel friendly or it feels overwhelming, unattainable, challenging, this is a time to OmTHAT and re-evaluate the relationship. Open your mind.

You know that successful people make regular decisions about money, investments, property, taxes, interest rates, and so on. You know that people who HAVE money talk about it in an entirely different way than those who do not. They embrace the money challenges. They love to make one dollar turn into 100 dollars, 1 million dollars and so on. It’s a mindset. AND it’s a continuous learning process.

OmTHAT Money and make money your new best friend, your new love interest to learn all you can about. Here’s the deal, if you’re a creative, a spiritual or a natural caretaker, you may believe that making money a focus doesn’t feel authentic, BUT your talent and vision requires you to be engaged in the process otherwise it’s potentially a fail from the start. In order to make your dreams come true, to live that life, to take care of your family, to have retirement and safe-haven for your later years, you MUST embrace money and MAKE IT YOUR FRIEND. The more you know about money, the better you can make it work for you and you’ll never settle for less than you deserve. And you DESERVE all you ever dreamed of.

And if that didn’t shake you up, think of this way. We’re all living longer, healthier lives – what is the point if we can’t enjoy it and we’re forced to live in poverty from 80-onward, and what about loved ones?

Get into harmoney with purpose. OmTHAT Money.