Feng Shui Elements rule every corner of your home.

When you understand how different elements respond to each other you will be able to attract eight types of luck residing in eight corners of your home.

the luck of fame, career and wealth, the luck of romance in your love or married life, the luck of good health missing from your life, the luck of travel and helpful friends and mentors.

The five element theory is the heart of feng shui. And also the basics for different cures for feng shui afflictions. The chi energy of every direction is ruled by one of the five elements- fire, wood, metal, earth and water. We will use them to manifest good luck and smooth all obstacles.


Feng Shui element of Water

Represented by: Aquariums, Water Fountains, Blue and Black color, and number 1.

The water energy in the north brings CAREER luck. It ensures that you dont loose your job, your lifestyle and  you have a meaningful job that challenges you and gives you happiness.

TO ACTIVATE CAREER LUCK- You need to ask ” Which feng shui element creates water?” Metal. So you hang wind chimes in the north or place a metal turtle.  The tingling sound of metal on metal will bring you good career luck. Because its metal that creates water.

You can also place a water fountain since it carries water energy.

If you are eyeing that promotion at work or looking to find your dream job then this sector must be enhanced.

If you have a toilet or a kitchen in north it flushes down all your career luck. You need to suppress the bad water energy. You need to ask “what will exhaust water?” Wood. So you place lush green and healthy plants to weaken the bad water energy there.

The Wood energy from lush green plant will keep the bad water energy under control. And then energise the area outside the toilet which is still the north.


Feng Shui Element of Fire

Represented by : BRIGHT LIGHTS, RED COLOR and the number 9.

The fire energy in the south brings FAME. It ensures you bring a good name to your family. You wanna be in the news for all the right reasons not the wrong ones.

To ATTRACT FAME LUCK- You need to ask yourself ” Which feng shui element creates fire energy?” Wood. So you place plants that are full of vigor and life and make sure they grow very healthy. This will bring you lots of fame, respect and recognition.

If you have a toilet in the south flushes down the luck of promotion, respect and recognition. You need to suppress the bad fire energy. You dont have to destroy it with water. You simply exhaust it with Earth element.

So you put some pebbles or crystals in a bowl of water.This will ensure that toilet does not flushes down the luck of promotion, respect and recognition.

Kitchen already has fire energy so in south it will double the fire so you need to destroy it with water energy. Place an urn of water in a bowl to destroy the bad fire energy.


Feng shui element of WOOD

It enhances WEALTH, also rules the EAST of your home. It enhances FAMILY AND HEALTH.

Represented by : Lush Plants, Green Color and The Number 3 (South East), 4(East)

Wood element represents growth. In the south east it enhances your wealth and accumulation of assets so that your net worth grows. It also ensures that you dont get poorer over the years. In the East the wood element enhances your health and longevity. This makes you full of vigor, vitality and you have a healthy body, mind and spirit.

TO ATTRACT WEALTH AND HEALTH LUCK- In the south east and east what you really need is water because water nurtures wood energy. You can have a pond or a pool or an aquarium or picture of waterfall. Also blue color. But remember Water in the bedroom is not good feng shui. You can activate the south east or east of living room or your home.

Toilets and Kitchens in the South EAST and EAST- Kitchens and toilet in the south east and east disturb your health and wealth. What you really need here is bright lights. The fire energy of the bright lights or red light or the red color will weaken the bad wood energy. And then you can add good wood energy in your home outside the toilet or kitchen in the south east or east.


Feng Shui element of Metal

Represented by: Tv, Music system, Wind chimes, Gold and Silver Colors, NUMBER 6 (NW), 7(W),

Metal energy in the west ensures governs your children luck, ensures you have lovely children and you dont have problems in conceiving. It not only promotes fertility but also enhances your creativity, self expression and artistic abilities.

In the North west metal energy brings you good heaven luck coming into your life in the form of powerful people, helpful people and friends who come to help you. It also governs your travel luck.

To ATTRACT CREATIVITY LUCK AND DECENDANTS LUCK- To attract creativity luck or if you have trouble in conceiving a child then you need to place pink crystal lotus. The earth energy of the crystal will create metal energy in the west.

TO ATTRACT TRAVEL LUCK AND HELPFUL PEOPLE- If you want to travel the world or want to attract helpful and powerful people in your life then you must bring earth element here in the form of earthen pots or crystals or wind chimes. You can also place your television or music system here as they also have metal energy.

Toilets and kitchen in north west and west- Toilets and Kitchens in the west can destroy your plans to have childrens. And in the north west it destroys heaven luck and the luck of helpful people. You need to ask yourself what will exhaust bad metal energy? WATER.

So place a urn of water in your toilet and kitchen and then activate the north west or west corner of your home outside the toilet or kitchen.


Feng Shui Element of Earth

rules the CENTER.

Represented by : Pebbles, Crystals, Earthern Pot, SKIN TONE COLORS (Brown, yellow, pink,
Numbers 2 (SW), 5 (NE), 8 (CENTER)

The north east and the south west form the earth axis of your home. Earth element in the south west brings romance luck missing from your love or married life. In the north east it brings good education luck for those who are still in college or school.

TO ATTRACT ROMANCE LUCK- If you are keen to find your snow white or your prince charming its very important to activate the romance luck in south west of your home or bedroom. You can do that by placing symbols of love and romance like dragon and phoenix, crystal heart, pair of mandarin ducks. Keep them in crystals because crystals have earth energy.

TO ATTRACT EDUCATION LUCK- Place a crystal globe in the north east of your bedroom. The earth energy of the crystal globe will help you shine in your examinations. You should also have bright lights in the north east corner. The fire energy will create more earth energy.

Toilets and kitchens in the north east and south west- You need to weaken the bad earth energy with metal energy. So hang windchimes in the toilets and kitchen. That will weaken the bad earth energy and then you can wake up the good earth energy in the south west and north east.