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Hey Omie, My name is a Laurie, OmBoss here at OmThat!

Laurie, OmTHAT

OmThat is inspired by an ongoing journey of the spirit to it’s higher self: my own.

As I pursued my lifetime dream to be a fashion designer, working in the heart of LA’s fashion district designing for a men’s clothing line. And like many people I paid my way through school by working the restaurant scene. I was lucky enough to work and learn in some phenomenal establishments, with food and wine to die for.

Bronze statue of winged lion in Campo Manin Venice, Italy. The winged lion is the symbol of St Mark the Evangelist, the Patron Saint of Venice

Campo Manin Venice, Italy

My love for fashion was soon consumed by my love for food, wine and the high-energy of happy people living life to its fullest. Life merged my passions for art, illustration and culinary delights by calling me to a life of graphic design for savvy chefs and winemakers.

Living the life of indulgence and decadence required balance. This led me to Yoga, meditation and higher understanding of my mind, body and spirit – essential to keeping my creativity flowing.

A natural knowledge seeker and pseudo-geek, I’ve always had a ravenous appetite for learning. I dove into yoga, obtaining my 200RYT Yoga Teaching Certification and embraced my higher thinking by studying meditation of many different schools. I then acquired the NGH certification in Hypnotherapy because I use self-hypnosis for creativity as well as changing habits.

I am also certified in both Classical and Western Feng Shui – both schools of Feng Shui are very similar but also contradictory and even though the principles are the same, how they apply the Bagua to a space is very different.

Ultimately, it’s all about using whatever tools you’ve got to create a lifestyle that keeps you calibrated to your purpose.

Abergris Caye, Belize

Abergris Caye, Belize

Life has come full-circle, combining all of my passions and creativity; art, color psychology, decor, fashion, yoga, chakras, travel, food, wine. I am in Love and Lust with Life – living it at the highest vibration possible, from how I decorate my home, to what I wear, eat, listen to and experience every day.

I’ve come to realize that the struggle is real – for everyone – life is hard and it wants to kick your ass with challenges daily. It’s more important than ever to calibrate your BEing to your true calling in order to manifest real happiness.
We can’t expect to be successful if our lives are cluttered, messy, steeped in the past, and stuck in a rut.
Making every single decision a conscious one, from what you eat and wear, to where and how you live. Each decision will have a significant impact on how you see and exist in the world.

It may seem silly to some that wearing a particular color can lend to success, but we all know that wearing a color that washes you out, makes you look pale and sickly, can put a damper on the day because you then project that sickly attitude to the world.

MonkeyForrest Bali

MonkeyForrest, Bali

Whereas a color that brightens the eyes, compliments the skin tone will make you smile and others see your healthy glow, and this is good. It’s the same for everything. Even pillows on your bed and the color of your walls impacts you, and therefore, everyone around you.

I know what it’s like to have nothing, but still have to put my best foot forward. I was a welfare kid from a broken home, who is a pull-myself-up-by-the-bootstraps kind of girl who has moved over 27 times throughout my life! Turning a dive into a home is one of my most enjoyable challenges – I say bring it!

Feng Shui was and is a zen-like harmonizing strategy, bringing order and structure, into my otherwise chaotic life.

Calibrating my chakras through yoga and meditation transcends my spirit to infinite possibilities, aligning me to my purpose; the alchemy of that manifested into what I share with you here in OmThat.

My brother always said you gotta “turn the shit into shinola” and he’s right, because life has disappointments. In every single tragedy, trauma, setback and disappointment in my life there was always, and I mean ALWAYS been a silver-lining…TRUST.

I am a true survivor with a PhD in over-coming obstacles! I’ve learned to take a deeeeeep breath, keep calm (#workinprogress, ahem… ain’t nobody perfect) and OmThatShizz!

Everything here at OmThat is designed with love and highest intentions to raise life’s vibration in every positive way possible. Infuse positive intentions into every aspect of your life, every day.
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Peace & Light,