Supplies for NeurographicArt supplies can be more utilitarian than Fine Art material, especially for non-artists or people who are new to the process.
A lot of pen and pencil gets used quickly.

I recommend standard A4 white printing paper.
Watercolor pencils are softer and less waxy, easier for blending and layering.
A variety of Fine-line and felt tip markers for neurolines and rounding.
A basic black Sharpies are great for field lines.
Pastel highlighters in a range of colors are wonderful and really make your drawings pop, whilst not diminishing your NeuroArt lines.

**Watercolors are not recommended for NeurographicArt because they can muddy the details. If you are already a confident watercolor artist then this is to your discretion. It is part of the “mindfulness and meditational process, as well as part of the ASMR experience to feel and hear the pencils/markers to the paper.

If you do choose to soften your completed NeurographicArt with the brushes that come with your Water Color pencils, please use a Watercolor paper such as the one below to help maintain the artistic integrity of your NeuroArt. The below supplies are merely suggestions.