Sahasraha, it’s called, and it’s your 7th Chakra, located on top of your head. When you’re living at your highest expression, your crown sparkles – or glows – with your vibration. You’re trusting in your self, your path, your purpose. Call it God, spirit, soul or consciousness, it’s your connection to divine connection to your higher source. Artists, musicians, writers, inventors, and innovators often hang out in this space, and you’ll hear them say things like, “the art just comes out of me, the words wrote themselves on the paper, the lyrics, words, vision, etc. just came to me…” When people recount their successes in these ways, they are actively wearing their crown.


If you’re a crazy zebra, be a badass crazy zebra. Crown that crazy!

Your crown sparkles when you believe in yourself, when you shed light into the world, when you help others find their inner-light, when you’re genuinely kind, compassionate, happy, loving, confident, creative, and when you trust in yourself and the universe.

Your crown sparkles when you honor, love, and care for yourself, and when you take time to breathe, flex, bend, nurture and BE present.

Your crown sparkles when you let go of doubt and embrace infinite possibilities.

Your crown sparkles when you love your flaws as much as your perfections, when you are your very own YOUniquely authentic You.

Your crown sparkles when you remember it is there and you act accordingly, not as bitchy royalty, but as an example of good attitude, good deeds, and good heart.

Your crown sparkles when you have gratitude, when you forgive, when you accept another as they are, and when you live in the moment.

The more you work your crown to it’s highest good, the brighter it sparkles, and your path just becomes clearer.

Your crown stands particularly tall when you live with integrity, when you take responsibility, when you practice what you preach and learn as actively as you teach.

Recall a time when your crown sparkled most…