Mindfulosity is a lifestyle brand which embraces the Laws of Attraction philosophical approach. We attract what we project.

How we think, act and believe are powerful forces that shape our lives. We also embrace the concept that all things are connected.

Life is cyclical, cause and effect is real and indeed an active influence in your day to day life, whether you want to acknowledge it or not. Embracing and even participating in the process; being the “Director and Star in your own movie,” makes the difference between living a passive, almost victim-like kind of life, and one that is engaged, and thriving at its highest expression.

Everything and everyone has its own vibration no matter how subtle. So it only makes sense to surround yourself with things and people you “vibe” with, right?

Calibrate your daily life with your values, dreams, ambitions and life purpose. Like the OmTHAT logo that is a Mandelbrot Set and a Lotus Flower; everything is connected; your actions and thoughts are energy, creating infinite patterns based on your intentions. [The MandelBrot Set is a fractal, often referred to as the “ThumbPrint of God” or “BuddhaBrot,” if you’ve never seen them, check them out, they’re quite impressive.]

Raise your vibration. Live in hi-definition and manifest your highest self. Attract the life you want by actively LIVING it every day, in every way.

Infuse your world with the power of YOU, your highest self.


Making every single decision a conscious one, from what you eat and wear, to where and how you live, will have a significant impact on how you see and exist in the world.


This philosophy is also a way of business. Due to swift technological advancements the world over, our R&D team is dedicated to Continuous Quality Improvement. Whether it be small-run fabrics for in-house made items or specialized products from our partnered custom makers, we (“we” are a collaborative group of California based businesses working together to make this happen locally, sustainably, consciously and with love) are in constant pursuit of eco-conscious, sustainable production practices and ethically manufactured goods, striving for recycled and/or organic sources. With this pursuit, as well as the desire to eliminate waste, we make all items on-demand, keeping minimal-to-no inventory, making your purchases even more unique and exclusive. 


Namaste and Cheers,
Laurie Smith
CEO & Founder
Laurie, OmTHAT