There are many elements in the ancient philosophical system of Feng Shui that are regarded to be the bringers of good omens to a specific place. One of the most popular of these elements are the Feng Shui mirrors. These mirrors are said to transform negative energy into positive energy and bring peace and calmness to a specific place.

The Concave Bagua and the Convex Bagua are examples of such mirrors

The Concave Bagua and the Convex Bagua were first used in the ancient Chinese civilization which is also the place of origination of the Feng Shui culture. They were hung outside doors of Chinese homes and would deal with all kinds of harmful vibrations which were meant to destruct the house and its residents. The frames of such mirrors also hold importance.
* A red frame symbolizes illumination and self-growth.
* A blue frame portrays creativity and vigor.
* Productivity and success is represented by a gold frame.
* A black frame is the symbol of power and authority.

What Is A Concave Bagua?

The Concave Bagua is a bowl-shaped mirror that collects negative energy and prevents it from harming its surroundings.
Applications of a Concave Bagua:
The primary purpose of placing a Concave Bagua outside the front door of a place is to filter the energies which are directed towards the place and just take in the positive ones. The most common applications and uses of this specific Fengshui mirror is as follows:
* When the power lines run just outside the front door of the house.
* When a large building obstructs the front view of the house.
* When the house is placed at the intersection of two roads.
* When there is a pole or a tower just outside the house.
* When an ugly scenery is right what you see through the entrance of your house.
* When you often find trespassers around your home.
* When there is a cemetery or mortuary right outside you house.

What Is A Convex Bagua?

A Convex Bagua is a kind of a mirror which is outwardly curved. Hence the primary purpose of this mirror is to deflect negative energy in a way that it harms anyone who comes in the path of its vibrations.
Applications of a Convex Bagua:
A Convex Bagua has a number of miraculous uses which are listed as follows:
* When rowdy neighbors live opposite to the house and can intend serious harm.
* When the front door faces a flight of steep staircases or a long corridor.
* When larger buildings make the concerned house or building look small and insignificant.
* When the house is surrounded by noisy sites like construction places, airports, train stations or police stations.
* When a large tree is wrongly placed and blocks the entrance to the house. 
* When a graveyard, cemetery or a place of negative energy is situated close to the house.

The Concave Bagua and the Convex Bagua should never be placed inside a house because they are only meant to be hung only outside the front door. They also work superbly outside an office area and helps the business prosper.
What Are The Differences Between These Two Mirrors?

* A Concave Bagua successfully draws and magnifies positive energy while harmlessly dispersing negative energy whereas a Convex Bagua should be used in only extreme conditions when serious harm or injury is expected from the surroundings.

* A Concave Bagua Mirrors can generally be used in almost all situations which require the use of Fengshui mirrors whereas a Convex Bagua is so powerful that its requirement needs to be regulated. It cannot be placed everywhere as it could prove to be harmful in many situations. Hence, this mirror needs to be used with care.

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