Work With Me

Each strategy session lasts 60 minutes, via phone or Skype.

You’ll invest $299 — and receive my undivided focus and full-tilt energy (like a triple-shot espresso with a creativity chaser) and a mp3 recording of our session.

Wondering about the life-shifting intensity we can make happen in 60 minutes?

This strategy session is DEFINITELY for you if…
* You’re self motivated and fast to implement
* You’re dedicated to taking consistent action
* Welcome honest feedback and candid critiques (all given with love, of course)
I’ve helped countless entrepreneurs achieve their business and lifestyle goals and I’d love to help you do the same!


Step One.
Click here to submit your payment of $299 via Paypal to secure your spot and we’ll get your best available date locked into my calendar.

Step Two.
You’ll recieve a pre-consult questionnaire that I’ll review before our session, which will allow me to dig deeper into the vision you have for your business. It will also give me the clarity I need to use our time together more effectively.

Certified Hypnotherapist

Certified Feng Shui Consultant

Certified in both Classical and BlackHat Tantra (Western World) Feng Shui

Certified Yoga Instructor

Working with me is a very hands on experience.

This is NOT a downloadable course, (although I do offer those), working WITH me is a very concentrated eight weeks designed to redesign your entire approach to what is possible and make it actualize.

We go deep, way deep, into the very essence of whats holding YOU back.

With me you will not be shy to express the details of those “What IF’s” that crawl inside your brain every night. I won’t shame you for having fear.

I don’t make you feel bad for feeling blocked or not moving as fast as your peers, or even judge you for your circumstances.

I’ve been that girl who had to heal from childhood traumas, from poor self-image, low self-esteem, little to no confidence, and always feeling as if either the sky was falling, or everything was going to be ripped out from beneath me at a moments notice.

Yet, in the midsts of all that chaos, doom and gloom, I had a spark within me that was burning a hole in my soul.

I KNEW in my heart of hearts that I was not meant to be broken, nor lost.

There IS a purpose for me.

I was NOT EVER going to give up!

But I was so unsure of who to turn to, where to look for real life guidance.

I read every Anthony Robbins book and listened to every audio. I tuned into to all the gurus and did my homework as best I could, but there is only so much you can take away from content and after awhile, they all sound like recycled copies of the same content over and over again.

I had taken online courses, but there was no one to talk to and I couldn’t tell anymore the difference between the coaches who cared and those who just wanted my money, subscriptions and likes.


I had done talk therapy, but felt as if I was just repeating myself over and over.

I needed to find what was REAL.

I wanted results, not a well marketed workshop where I felt like another sheep being herded to just sign up for more of the same.

And I needed to move FAST as time was slipping through my hands.

I found my way.

I succeeded at what felt like the impossible.

Now that I have, I can not stand by and watch another soul wander without saying “hey, I get it, I’ll show you how to get there.”