Wait For Hard Lessons To Begin Embracing Life
Time and time again, I see people cursing life, God, universe, somebody for life’s challenges. All cryin n pouting, “why me?!!” always seeing the dark clouds, never seeing the gifts.

Believe it or not YOU ARE HERE FOR A PURPOSE! Whether your gift(s) seem grand or small is really not for you to measure. And here’s the rub, you may actually never know your true impact and purpose here, and this can be tough, but this is where faith steps in.

Have you ever seen, heard about that accident on California’s Highway 101, just south of Santa Barbara, where a big rig collided with a mom and her two little girls. The rig fell to its demise, engulfed in flames below and the young family hung by a piece of metal over the enflamed rig.

The truck driver lost his life, but the mom and her daughters were saved by a completely random act of nothing other than God, or divine intervention…

The entire scenario is heart-stopping. A million, billion why’s go racing through peoples minds as to why that truck driver had to die that day and that little family had to endure such an intense close call. Why did a very special and unique solution show up just in the knick of time?

Time was of the essence or the family would slip and fall to their untimely death. Rescuers were getting desperate. Traffic had been backed up for miles and in that traffic line was a military convoy hauling a rare tractor that was designed to uniquely ground itself while lifting weights of massive proportions and odd angles. The military men in the convoy finally convinced officials on scene to let them bring this tractor to the wreckage, move the car and save the family from sure death. Sure enough, they succeeded, saving the lives, who held on for dear life.

Those men in the military convoy saved three lives that day. Were they there by divine intervention, happenstance, luck? How amazing that their totally rare tractor just happened to be on that stretch of highway at that time. The story later unfolds that the military outfit hauling the tractor that day was actually running off schedule, and had they been running on time, may not have been there at all…

What were the lessons learned by all of the other participants and even the by-standers? And what about the truck drivers lost life, what did that mean in the big scope of things? Sure, we could take a lot of time and energy and blame him for the accident, but there is far more to this than that.

So many peoples lives were impacted in a positive way that day. Everyone on that long, hot, exhausting traffic jam was probably late for something, irritated, begrudged and fretting, but at the end, they got to experience life given a second chance. The mom and her children in the wrecked car, will most likely embrace life in ways that many of us may never know, to a much higher magnitude of love, gratitude and forgiveness. The lives they impact with the richness of that profound love will be felt by all who know them. This is good. The military men who provided a risky solution that saved peoples lives and went home as heroes on a day that was originally set to be just a long uneventful drive, will be forever changed by that moment. They will hopefully love their families a bit deeper, experience life on a richer level.

The driver who lost his life, what about him? When it comes to seemingly random acts of death, that’s just it, they “seem” that way in the moment, but the answers reveal themselves over time. The best perspective to take is to accept the loss of a loved one, no matter how much missing them pains us, to remember the love that was shared. The memory of that love is the lesson to share forward, love deeper, love more authentically.

In a way, the driver lost his life so that the impact of the lives saved would be even greater. more appreciated, precious and acknowledged. Maybe if he had survived, all of them would have been entangled in law suits and hard feelings, but they weren’t (maybe on a corporate level, but not on a personal).

There are millions of what-if’s, to be sure… Maybe it simply was his “day” and his passing was in some way a profound lesson of deeper love to be experienced by everyone else who witnessed the accident that day, in the news, on TV and even here in this blog..

So what’s all this to do with YOUR purpose?

Sometimes it takes catastrophic events to wake us up to life, love, understanding, truly living life to the fullest.

Don’t wait to be awakened by devastation, or even waiting for something miraculous to make you a hero, engage fully and actively in the life you want to live. Actualize and inspire others around you to actualize, because we just never know when life will be taken away.

The small newsclip of that crash is embedded below.

Take a look at the car as it’s pulled away from the overpass and you can see the tractor that saved it from falling. See how mangled the car is and imagine being within that compacted mess with your family not knowing if you will survive. Imagine surviving. Imagine your closest loved one(s) surviving. Take THAT feeling and LOVE LIFE BETTER.

The longer story was aired on a show called “Caught On Camera”, if you’ve ever an opportunity to catch the episode, do so and watch it with your loved ones… #lifechanging