Hero’s Journey Psychedelic Integration Through NeurographicArt




Three Hour 1:1 Hero’s Journey NeurographicArt Session Dedicated to your post Psychedelic Journey.

As a Psychonaut myself, I am fully aware of the aftermath of the journey, the oftentimes overwhelming download of images, information, thoughts, feelings, and reflections. It can be challenging to know where to start. I come from a rich history of mindfulness and coaching modalities uniquely suited to hold space for your post-psychedelic journey; where the true work begins. 

We begin with a guided meditation, followed by me holding space for you to share some aspects of your journey that you are seeking clarity about. 
Then we move on to the NeurographicArt Mandala exercise with Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey” as our guide. It is such a beautifully aligned model and works so elegantly with NeurographicArt. We will dance along the thresholds, meet the demons and allies, explore the gifts and see the circle of life’s lessons to self-mastery.  


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