Mindfulosity is a forward-thinking, one-of-a-kind business devoted to inspiring you to free your spirit and discover the magic inside your soul. Everything created by Mindfulosity comes from the heart and is guided by the core values we hold dear, including freedom, self, spirit, creativity, art, community, inspiration, and of course, ethical sourcing. It’s our mission to share these values with the world through our creations.


Spiritual growth is key to a happy, fulfilled life as well as being able to understand and love ourselves and each other. The key is being able to connect with spirit guides, mother nature, and the universe, and channeling their messages into our creative work.


Vision is about being creative and brave enough to think about your future and plan for it with wisdom and imagination. Explore yourself and your universe, say goodbye to your comfort zone, and make your inner self wiser. Your intuition is your best guidance; it will allow you to reach your full potential and make your self-confidence unbreakable.


Community is a huge part of what it means to grow. We all need to connect with each other, not only to tell our stories and express ourselves but also to share what makes each of us unique and appreciate each other. To us, food – well, chocolate is a form of spirituality and mindfulness, it’s about connecting with our inner world and our intuition, and we want to share that with you.


It’s all about connection; both listening and being heard, feeling loved, and worthy. Having the strength of supporting each other and lifting each other up so we can learn from one another. We can all vibrate higher by having a space to share our feelings, experiences, thoughts, and everything that makes up our inner worlds.


Freedom is having the choice to chase after what our hearts desire. Being adventurous and open-minded enough to explore our inner universe without fear. Being able to express our true selves with pride and confidence. Seeking positive change and having the courage of creating the life you want for yourself, embracing all parts of you.


Our creative energy stems from our confidence in our own creativity. This allows us to give birth to more energy, abundance, and passion. This feeds our creative flow, leading to inspiring work that we don’t only love doing, but also helps other people discover themselves and unlock their own creativity. Creativity grounds us, it connects us with our intuition, it allows us to practice mindfulness and express our spirit through our art, bringing more beauty into the world.


Being grounded is what allows us to engage with life without losing who we are in the process. Learning about ourselves and others is key to keeping our feet on the ground and walking towards a better life together. Learning about our inner beliefs and what drives us is how we can create the life we dream of.

About Mindfulosity

Mindfulosity was born out of transformation. My soul was shedding its old skin and I was searching for a deeper purpose after spending decades in the industry of design and food. This led to a truly wonderful spiritual journey where my mind and my consciousness joined. I’ve always felt great joy cooking for others and opening them up to new culinary experiences, so why not do that through chocolate? And why not make it a much more spiritual experience? Food has opened up so many things to my soul, I just want to help others experience the same.


About Me


I’m Laurie and I pride myself on having a hungry mind. I’ve always been fascinated with the human condition and studying the ways we perceive ourselves has always been a passion. My own journey began by trying to develop a deeper knowledge of myself, which lead to meditation and yoga. Gradually, I started learning about other practices that could help me find my balance within and without, such as Feng Shui, and I haven’t stopped diving deeper and deeper into the self. It’s my mission to share what I’ve learned with you and express myself through my artistic visions with chocolate.